Australia's Popular Magazine, Trailerboat Fisherman featured Togar Ovens in Cooks Corner of their May-June 2015 edition 
"Smoking is back in fashion and Togar smoke ovens are leading the way"
Here is the first paragraph of the article: "Togar smoke ovens"
"Once a necessity to preserve and flavour food, smoking is an ancient method of food preparation. It is a simple technique with origins that date back to the stone age. Even throughout our more recent history in Australia, many early homesteads had smoke-houses. Then with the invention of refrigeration,smoke ovens disappeared into the abyss. But not for long. Togar smoke ovens are helping return this technique to its former glory by taking the arduous process of food smoking and simplifying it for the masses."
The lengthy article goes on to discuss the history and design of Togar Ovens, the simplicity and economy of using one for home smoking as well as health and flavour benefits. There is a section about what chefs are doing to add different tastes using herbs and spices as well as different types of sawdust.  
 To read the rest of the article, you'll have to visit your local newsagency or subscribe to the electronic magazine at - Sorry, link no longer available
Also in the "Trailerboat Fisherman" magazine was a recipe for smoked tamarind prawns, created by Tess Derosas and reproduced here with her permission.
Smoked Tamarind Prawns