Lifting the Lid on the Togar Smoker Oven.
When Graham Joshua left South Africa for a life in Queensland, he brought his father’s smoker with him. With an engineering background behind him he set out to design the ideal smoker oven.
The result was the Togar smoke oven you see on the right. Manufactured out of stainless steel he has now been successfully selling them for 22 years. 
Designed and Produced in Australia.
They are made to a very high standard of quality and finish. And unlike cheaper
alternatives you may find, these smoker grills are constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel making them extremely durable, easy to clean and maintenance free.
The ovens are portable, convenient and an easy alternative to the separate smokehouse.
Made from the finest “food grade” stainless steel (18/8 or otherwise known as 304 grade), the ease of operation and cleaning provides optimum standards of hygiene.
Measuring 36 cm across and 20 cm high. The Togar smoke ovens are pressed/deep drawn from single stainless steel sheets. That means their are no cuts, folds or welds which makes cleaning a lot easier because their are no corners for dirt or bacteria to gather.
Use your smoker oven in either residential or commercial kitchens.
The Togar Smoker Oven is versatile enough to use in a residential or commercial kitchen. They are also ideal for use on patio, balcony, verandah or any picnic/beach site.
Apart from the smoking of food these ovens can be used as an excellent steamer by simply using a little water instead of sawdust. Vegetables or fish can be done this way e.g. whole fish stuffed with chopped shallots and ginger, steam for 15 minutes and enjoy.
The Togar Oven can produce a mean damper without the need of a fire, gas or electricity.
One teacup (200-250ml.) of methylated spirits is all it takes to produce a hot, fresh loaf of your choice, plain, sweet or savoury and all in just 20 to 30 minutes.
All New Extension Kit Feeds The Whole Family...
An extension kit is now available for these ovens. The standard oven can smoke 2+ kg of chicken pieces at one time which is still a sizeable amount. But now Whole ducks, chickens
or larger joints of meat can be easily prepared using the Togar Smoker Oven extension kit.
When you buy a BBQ smoker from Togar Ovens they're also supplied complete with racks, base,methylated spirits burner, and importantly a bag of pure, selected wood sawdust. 
This sawdust is specially blended from selected timbers, containing no chemicals, no contaminants.
The utmost care must be taken if you provide your own sawdust that it is free from all contaminants. Sawdust available from many sources may contain traces of toxic glue and/or chemical wood preservatives. An additional supply of special blend of pure wood sawdust from carefully chosen timbers is always available from Togar. It's important to us that your smoked food tastes delicious each and every time.
You'll also receive easy, specific set up instructions and a cookbook containing the same smoker recipes you'll find on this site for easy reference. With all this you'll be a BBQ Smoker superhero instantly.