Smoked Chicken Recipes
Breasts of chicken, one per person Sea Salt Freshly cracked pepper
3 tblsp chopped coriander
3 tblsp chopped mint
3 tblsp lime juice
3 tblsp brown sugar
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup vegetable sauce
1/3 cup sweet chilli sauce
Place all ingredients in a container and mix well.
Cos lettuce Red capsicum, sliced julienne Cherry tomatoes to garnish
1. Lightly season chicken breasts with sea salt and pepper 2. Place two tablespoons of sawdust on base of oven 3. Place chicken breasts on oven racks and smoke for 20 minutes. 4. Place lettuce leaves on plate; arrange remaining ingredients over lettuce. 5. Slice chicken breasts an place on top of salad. 6. Drizzle the dressing on top.
Whole smoked chicken 12 Cherry tomatoes, halved then chargrilled (briefly). 3 Medium size onions ½ Cup basil leaves picked from stem 4 Whole garlic cloves 3 Fresh ripe mangoes skinned and sliced 3 Hands full of baby spinach leaves Extra virgin olive oil Cracked black pepper Sea salt Corralli pasta or penne pasta (cooked)
Place 2-3 tablespoons sawdust on base of Togar smoke oven.
Place whole chicken on bottom rack of oven, with extension kit in place, and smoke for one hour.
Hand crush garlic and pan fry to develop flavour in oil.
Slice and sauté onion.
Break chicken up into pieces.
Add chicken and cherry tomatoes to onions and garlic, gently blend together for 3 mins.
In a bowl put basil, baby spinach leaves and sliced mango.
Combine the salad mixture and chicken combination on top of hot pasta.
Serve with hot crusty bread and crisp white wine.     Bon Appetite!